The Economic Development & Special Projects Divison creates and manages a range of programs that support and develop a vibrant local economy, including business attraction, retention and expansion; economic planning and forecasting; expanding the City's economic base in tourism and the urban art program.

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Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber has championed the needs of the business community and the citizens it serves through a period of raw, brilliant boosterism to a continuing era of sophisticated national influence. In 1888, the founding members of the Chamber created the organization to function as a vehicle to attract new business to California.

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The Mayor's balanced budget closes a $530 million deficit for the upcoming fiscal year, w hile maintaining police buildup and gang reductions efforts, and preventing as many as 2,800 layoffs.

Go to WWW.KeepLAWorking.COM to explore the City's budget options.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa today released his Fiscal Year 2009-10 City budget which outlines his plan to save jobs and maintain city services.

"During these extraordinary times, it is the responsibility of all City leaders to recognize that reform is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity," Mayor Villaraigosa said. "The need for shared sacrifice is not just rhetoric; it is a reality."

Rising unemployment, the housing market crash and the credit crisis have caused City revenues to decline in nearly every category. The Mayor's proposal will balance a budget which faced a $530 million deficit in the upcoming fiscal year with a combination of spending reductions, private investment and efficiencies, including some departmental consolidations.

The Mayor proposed to maintain police buildup and gang reductions efforts while preventing as many as 2,800 layoffs through shared responsibility and sacrifice by all City employees. Layoffs of this magnitude would hit nearly every City department and would result in a dramatic reduction in City services.

The Mayor proposed an extensive menu of options, to be considered by the City Council, City employees and union leadership, which would prevent the need for layoffs and maintain a high level of City services by reducing the cost of the existing City workforce by more than 10 percent. The options the Mayor presented include unpaid holidays, and reforms to mileage reimbursement, healthcare coverage and overtime.

The Mayor also unveiled a new website -- -- for city employees to see the menu of options available to balance the City budget

Leading by example, the Mayor announced that he would cut his own salary by 12 percent, freeze his staff's wages and reduce his office budget by 10 percent.

This week, the Mayor will begin a series of meetings throughout the City to discuss the budget and how to keep LA working. On Thursday evening, April 22, Mayor Villaraigosa will hold an open town hall meeting in the West Valley at Providence Tarzana Medical Center. On Thursday, April 28, the Mayor will hold an open town hall meeting in South LA at the Epic Center. The Mayor will also hold meetings with City employees in the coming weeks.

On April 6, the Mayor said that the City could save 580 jobs if every City employee took off one unpaid hour of work per week. The City could save nearly 700 additional jobs if each employee contributed 2 percent more to their retirement benefits. And if every employee agreed to defer scheduled pay raises, the City could save an additional 1,300 jobs and the services they deliver.

The Mayor's proposed Fiscal Year 2009-10 budget is available at

The City Council will begin deliberations on the Mayor's proposal in early May. The final budget must be adopted by June 12.

Business Organizations and Resources

West Hollywood Business Organizations

West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
The West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization of businesses providing seminars, networking events, advocacy, monthly newsletter and centralized referral services for the business community.

West Hollywood Marketing & Visitors Bureau
The West Hollywood Marketing & Visitors Bureau is a non-profit organization created to promote the City of West Hollywood to leisure and business visitors. The MVB can provide extensive information on West Hollywood 's hotels, restaurants, shopping, and annual special events within the City.

Sunset Strip Business Association
The Sunset Strip Business Association is a business improvement district comprised of entertainment, restaurant, and retail businesses on the Sunset Strip. The Association provides additional private security and cleaning services along the Sunset Strip to help ensure that the area remains clean and safe for both visitors and residents of the area. Security services are coordinated closely with the Sheriff's Station.

The Avenues - Art, Fashion & Design District
Since 1996, The Avenues of Art, Fashion & Design District is comprised of over 300 art and design, restaurants, fashion boutiques and specialty retail businesses. Businesses located in the district pay an annual assessment that provide funding for the district's work program which focuses on marketing and promotion of the area as a premier shopping destination for home furnishings, fashion and arts related industries.

Business Improvement Districts
Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are special assessment districts that are established by groups of local businesses and property owners. The revenue generated from the special assessment funds a variety of local improvements such as street cleaning, marketing, and other services within the district.

Los Angeles County Assessors Office
Property tax information

Los Angeles County Clerk's Office
Fictitious business name information

Los Angeles County Community Development Commission
Commercial and industrial loan programs are designed to retain, attract, and expand businesses within Los Angeles County. The loans are for real estate acquisition, construction, equipment, and working capital.

Los Angeles County Fire Prevention Bureau
Fire inspection and permit information

Los Angeles County Sheriff (West Hollywood Division)
Provides businesses with commercial crime prevention information

State Regulatory Agencies

California Alcoholic Beverage Control Board
Alcoholic beverage permit and enforcement information.

Department of Consumer Affairs
Information relating to licensing requirements at the state level for specific business entities.

California State Board of Equalization
Information relating to sales or use tax liability, special taxes and fees, property tax administration, and franchise and income tax appeals.

California Technology Trade & Commerce Agency
Provides in-depth information on California industry, guides and programs

Other Organizations

Small Business Administration
Information regarding starting and managing small businesses. Also find your local small business development center.

Service Corp of Retired Executives (S.C.O.R.E.)
Source of freeand confidential small business advice for entrepreneurs

Provides detailed information on the business permit, license and registration requirements from all levels of government.

Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation - Regional Business Assistance Network
The Regional Business Assistance Network (RBAN) is designed to make it easier for companies to do business in Los Angeles County. RBAN is committed to forging collaborative efforts with all FREE and LOW-COST business assistance providers located throughout the County. This includes cities, chambers of commerce, community-based organizations, workforce training providers and specialized business assistance organizations.

Doing Business With the City

The City of West Hollywood purchases a wide variety of materials, supplies, equipment and services through a decentralized purchasing system managed individually by divisions and departments throughout the City.


  1. View current opportunities on the City Clerk's web page under Public Notices . Look for RFP/RFQ/BID Notices .
  2. Formal bid opportunities are advertised in the West Hollywood Independent newspaper.
  3. At the Public Notices page, register to receive email notifications of Public Notices from the City Clerk.


Informal Bid Process
For quotes under $25,000 three quotes are obtained by the staff of the department or division. These quotes may be obtained by telephone or in written form. The City does not have a central procurement system.

Formal Bid Process
When the item or service to be procured is estimated to cost over $25,000, a specification package is developed and made available to all interested vendors. The City's policy is to obtain goods and services of the highest quality for the lowest cost. Final awards are approved by the City Council.

Depending on the complexity of the bid, a pre-bid conference may be held on formal bids. The purpose of the pre-bid conference is to provide a forum in which vendors may ask questions about the bid document.


The City provides a 4% preference to local vendors (i.e. a business, firm, or enterprise with fixed offices or locally taxable distribution points within the city, that holds a valid business license, issued by the city, and bears a street address within the city.) This is accomplished by reducing their bids by 4% (but not more than $5,000) when comparing such bids to those of other bidders.


Living Wage Ordinance
Anyone entering into a contract with the City will be required to comply with the City of West Hollywood Living Wage Ordinance which is based in accordance with provisions of Section 1773.2 (amended 1997) of the California Labor Code and determined by the State Director of Industrial Relations. Copies of the rate of per diem wages are on file in the office of the City Clerk or at the State of California Department of Industrial Relations .

Contractors with the City will be required to procure and maintain, for the duration of the contract, the following insurance policies. Note: specific insurance types and requirements may vary by type of contract.

  • Worker's Compensation Coverage - Coverage for employees, including employees of subcontractors, in accordance with the laws of the State of California.
  • General Liability Coverage - Based on Insurance Services Office "Commercial General Liability" policy form CB 0001 or the exact equivalent. Limits may vary, but are no less than $1,000,000 per ocurrence.
  • Automobile Liability Coverage - Business Auto Coverage based on ISO Business Auto Coverage form CA 00 01 including symbol 1 (Any Auto) or the exact equivalent. Limits may vary, but are no less than $300,000 per accident.
  • Professional Liability Coverage - Professional Liability or Errors and Omissions Insurance as appropriate and written on a policy form coverage specifically designed to protect against acts, errors or omissions of the consultant for work performed under the agreement. Policy limits are no less than $1,000,000 per claim and in the aggregate.
  • Excess or Umbrella Liability Insurance (Over Primary) - To be determined in consultation with the City, but limits are no less than $1,000,000 per claim.

City Hall

City Clerk

The City Clerk provides creative and service oriented solutions, delivering City Council support services to both internal and external customers. The City Clerk's Division works to provide information and services in an open, timely and user-friendly fashion.

Division services include election administration; maintenance of city records and information; support for City Council and boards and commissions; Municipal Code codification; political reform and lobbyist information; Domestic Partnership registration; processing and distribution of city mail; staffing the main reception area for City Hall; and legal support and filings. Our City Clerk is Corey Schaffer.

City Manager

The City Manager implements the vision, broad policy goals and ongoing strategic programs of the City Council and ensures that City operations remain true to and consistent with the Mission Statement and Core Values of the City.

This mission is accomplished by providing leadership, executive direction and oversight of City operations, ensuring that City government responds in a timely and effective manner to constituent needs, and that City management and staff work collaboratively to address the issues and concerns of the community. The City Manager directly supervises all City Department Directors, and serves as Executive Director of the West Hollywood Redevelopment Agency and the Housing Authority.

In addition, the City Manager works directly with the Economic Development Division and the Public Safety Division. Our City Manager is Paul Arevalo .

City Attorney

The City of West Hollywood contracts with the law firm of Jenkins & Hogin for City Attorney services. Michael Jenkins is the appointed City Attorney and the chief legal officer of the City. City Attorney duties include provision of legal advice to the City Council and City staff; supervision of all matters of legal significance; preparation of legal opinions; review and drafting of ordinances, resolutions, contracts and program guidelines; and defense of challenges to City actions, laws, policies and procedures.

The City also contracts with the law firm of Dapeer, Rosenblit & Litvak, LLP for Municipal Code criminal prosecution services. The Public Information and Legal Services Department manages this contract. The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office is also engaged for some code compliance and major criminal prosecutions.

Visit the City Attorney's website for more detailed information.

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